Upgrade your business with our advanced chat bot Chicago services today.

Streamline your daily tasks with automated solutions that can handle routine operations, eliminating the need for extensive technical support services. Our system responds instantly to common inquiries, providing helpful information right when you need it. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to efficient, user-friendly support that gets the job done. Let us take the hassle out of tedious tasks and provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Upgrade to a smarter, faster way of doing business today.

bots benefits

Working in one window

no need to switch between different menu tabs

No need to download anything

works in all messengers

Reduce costs

80% of requests are resolved by chatbots without human intervention

Work 24/7

round-the-clock communication with clients

Work faster than employees

users have the opportunity to instantly get advice without waiting for an operator

Increase sales

advise buyers, offer the desired product and remember their preferences


Sales & Marketing Bots

Travel agencies and the hotel and restaurant business are implementing bots so that customers can:

  • reserve tables and pre-order
  • enrolls in beauty salons
  • buys cinema tickets
  • book tickets, hotel rooms

In online stores, bots advise buyers and help them choose the right product, notify about order status, talk about special offers, promotions and discounts advertising mailings to clients

Banking Bots

  • online calculation of interest on loans and credits
  • assistance in filling out forms and applications, consultation
  • advises on banking and stocks
  • carry out various transactions: placing an order, reserving, money transfers

Customer Care Bots

  • answers inquiries, provides information on flight options, prices, etc.
  • solving operational issues of payment, connecting / disconnecting services, changing tariffs, etc.
  • assists in the use of a product or service
  • integrates with other platforms and helps the user to solve several tasks at once, setting reminders, selecting news
  • advising on delivery, payment, addresses of points of issue

Workplace Productivity Bots

  • able to accept applications for vacancies
  • conduct a survey of candidates
  • plan employees schedules and remind them of important tasks
  • organize business trips
  • enroll in courses
  • accept standard reports
  • for filing / receiving documents

Healthcare Bots

  • quick registration for the initial consultation
  • answers to the most frequent customer questions
  • inform about the schedule
  • tracking the status of an entry in an electronic queue
  • help in accepting payment

HR Bots

  • interviewing
  • selection of suitable resumes, automation of tasks within the company
  • the bot can accept an application for a competition or conduct a survey among event participants

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