steps to create perfect website

Step 1. Primary information and marketing analysis

Before starting design development, we conduct a deep marketing analysis: identifying segments of the target audience, advantages over competitors, attractiveness to the target audience, main objections. We calculate the future advertising strategy in advance.
Action set:
  1. We dive into the client's niche
  2. Market research
  3. Goal setting
  4. Analysis of competitors for specific area
  5. Analysis of the received data
We bring conclusions on the analytical work done into a single logical structure that allows further team members to understand the full picture. Thats helps in developing a company's image and positioning it

Step 2. Prototype, positioning and concept

At this stage, the positioning of the company is formed and a prototype of the main and other pages is being worked out, as well as a logically correct navigation is being developed. We select a technical solution, capture points, rely on audit and strategy.
Action set:
  1. Highlighting unique navigation development
  2. Development of page prototypes
  3. Rendering dynamic prototypes
We draw layouts with attention to every detail to make it convenient for visitors.

Step 3. SEO for specific market

We create a structure for SEO. We structure sections and pages for promotion using key queries. Building an internal link structure.
Action set:
  1. Collecting the semantic core
  2. Writing terms of reference for pages
  3. Search engines (Google, Yahoo and others)
  4. Town, city, specific area advancement
  5. Promotion in mobile systems
This is for our customers to reach the top of popularity in the area (city, town, region,country) .

Step 4. Web design of all pages

This is how we achieve the best design quality.
Action set:
  1. Design development for the main and internal pages
  2. Modal window design
  3. Elaboration of adaptability for tablets and smartphones
  4. Usability development
  5. Creative and understandable.
60% of success depends on design. We do our job on highest level.

Step 5. Layout and programming

Layout is performed in all existing screen resolutions, installation, control system and connection to modules.
Action set:
  1. Development of "clean" code from the first steps of layout: correct server return codes, no duplicate pages, Human-readable URL, etc.
  2. Advanced adaptability.
  3. Management system CMS
  4. Configuring software modules
If your web site displays crookedly on devices - it takes long time to load - your clients will be losing patience, and as result you will be loosing them. Let our professional team deal with this and bring your business to higher level!

Step 6. Filling out with content

We will make text and graphic content interesting and readable.
Action set:
  1. Introduce intuitive menu
  2. Logic section and page layout
  3. Filling the catalog or service section
  4. Uploading photos
  5. Checking graphic resolution
We work at this step precisely and accurately.

Step 7. Test and launch

When project is ready we test it for presence of errors. All errors can and will be eliminated.
Action set:
  1. Test for errors and shortcomings
  2. Code check
  3. Transfer to production server
  4. Server optimization
  5. Checking download speed
One failure on web site process can cost you a customer. Unhappy customer won’t recommend you to anyone. We understand that and do our job with maximum efficiency.

Step 8. Support

After web project creation we do not leave our clients without support - we continue improve work relationships.
Action set:
  1. We guarantee the serviceability of project
  2. Add blocks and modules. We offer new chips to clients
  3. Top search engines in your area.

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